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Let's work together

In my spare-time, I help businesses solve problems. My pitch is simple: I help my clients make more money by solving hard problems, usually with software.

When you hire me, you’re not getting a code monkey, you’re getting a partner who understands your needs and helps you build a real solution that lasts.

Why I’m a good partner:

  • Laser focused on delivering the business value. Not distracted by frivilous bells and whistles.
  • Explicit and transparent. You’ll never be stuck wondering how things are going or if I’m building what you actually want.
  • Experienced in wide-array of business environments. I’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies and 3-person startups.

Things I don’t do:

  • Build something that I don’t believe will be a good solution
  • Build more than what is necessary to solve your problem
  • Tell you I know how to solve something that I don’t

If you think this might be a good fit for you, drop me an email and let’s chat.